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Recruit. Retain. Develop. 

TEAM Work Cooperative is a first-rate, highly trusted source of new talent for your business. As one of 17 Nova Scotia Works Centres across the province, we provide employment support services for employers and offer them unique access to the labour force.


We will work with your business to find talented employees and connect you with resources that support recruitment and retention, as well as drive long-term success.



A Team of Professionals

Employer Engagement Specialist
Works with your business to determine staffing needs, develop future hiring plans and help build inclusive, diverse workplaces.


Job Developers
Works together with your business to find talent, educate and train potential employees, and assist you in developing your workforce.

Employment Support Practitioners

Offers on-the-job support in order to increase employee potential, as well as boost their overall satisfaction and happiness in the workplace.

We Can Also Help With

Accessibility Education
As part of our mission of advocating for inclusive workplaces, we offer training and supports for businesses seeking to build inclusion-friendly, diverse work cultures.


Funding and Wage Subsidies
We offer a variety of funding opportunities and will work with you to determine the best fit for your business (e.g. wage subsidies, accessibility supports, education, training and employee support).

Servies we Offer


Whether you’re looking to hire employees or further support your staff, TEAM Work can help—free of charge! Our team has more than 20 years of expertise in building and advocating for inclusive, diverse and accessible workplaces.

Pratibha Popa

Employer Engagement

Our Employer Engagement Specialist helps businesses recruit and retain employees by connecting them to a large pool of talented workers and can also assist in accessing training resources, Human Resources tools, funding and more. If you are an employer looking to expand and/or diversify your workplace, TEAM Work’s Employer Engagement Specialist can help. For more information, please contact:

Pratibha Popat

(W) 902 422 8900 (ext. 124)   (C) 902-410-2177


EquitAbility Program

This online program is designed to help Nova Scotia employers attract, hire, and retain individuals living with disabilities. It will also help you foster more inclusive and accessible work environments for your current and future team members. The program is funded by the Government of Canada, so it’s available to you completely free of cost.

Register your workplace here

Stand-up Meeting

Job Matching & Development


Our team of experienced Job Developers work side-by-side with the Employer Engagement Specialist in connecting employers with talented, available workers. Job Developers can help recruit workers, educate and train employees, as well as assist employers in helping their workforce succeed in today’s fast-paced job market. 


Get in touch with us for more information on job matching and job development.

Employee Retention Support


Our Employment Support Practitioners will assist your employees with practical on-site strategies to keep them engaged and working to their fullest potential. The team is experienced in peer support, employee retention strategy and business fundamentals to ensure your employees remain healthy and motivated. 


Contact us today to find out how you can bring the ESP team into your workplace.

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Employer Funding Programs


With an ever-growing number of funding opportunities available for employers (e.g., wage subsidies, training/education programs, government funding), we can help find out what options are available to you, and assist with applying. 


Contact us for more information about funding, and we’ll work with you to determine the best fit for your business needs.

Abiltiy Employers


Everyone Has the Right to Employment


Ability Employers is shaping the culture of inclusive workplaces in Nova Scotia. By networking within the business community, and building partnerships with many local organizations, Ability Employers promotes successful business strategies that highlight the benefits of an inclusion-friendly, diverse work setting.

Join Ability Employers


Ability Employers is always looking to welcome new members! Whether you are a manager, owner of a small business, CEO of a large company, or an HR professional, we want your perspective at our table. By joining, you will expand your network of like-minded employers while increasing awareness for inclusion and diversity in the workplace. 


Together, we’ll share ideas about our practices in recruitment, support and retention, and work towards the common goal of creating inclusive workplaces and cultures. We also organize professional development opportunities where experts in various fields share best practices and would love to see you there.


Contact Ability Employers to learn more or visit our Instagram & LinkedIn pages.

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