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Strive With TEAM Work Cooperative

TEAM Work and the Dept. of Community Services present The STRIVE Program. Join us for a 6-week facilitated program to learn new skills, build on your strengths and connect with exciting employment opportunities. 

1-on-1 Job Coaching

Personal job coaching from one of our certified staff to help answer any questions you may have about your career.

Build Confidence

Learn new skills and tick off career goals on your way to growing more confident in a workplace setting.

Weekly Workshops

Join any number of our regularly scheduled employment-based workshops to help you in your journey.

Explore Careers

We'll help you explore potential careers and help you assess how your skills will match with certain jobs.

Hard & Soft Skills

Learn hard skills such as MS Office and job application creation, as well as soft stills such as working with others and workplace etiquette. 

Job Matching

At the end of the program we will watch you with employers and help you with the application and interview processes.

Contact The STRIVE Program

For more information please email us at

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