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Create a more accessible & inclusive workplace.







Shaping Accessible and Inclusive Workplaces

In collaboration with Placemaking 4G, this 3-month online program is designed to help employers in Nova Scotia to attract, hire and retain individuals with disabilities. Throughout the program, you'll learn how to foster more inclusive and accessible work environments for both your current and future team members, how to navigate workplace accommodations and how to build the skills and confidence to better meet the needs of Persons with Disabilities.

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Creating a work environment that’s more inclusive, diverse, and accessible promotes social justice and equity, though you'll see many other benefits in doing this work. You'll gain access to an expanded talent pool, align with Canada's commitment to becoming fully accessible by 2040 and enhance your organization's reputation— giving you a competitive position in the global marketplace.

And now, learning how to do so is easy and cost-free.


Upcoming cohorts of the EquitAbility program will include employers from Halifax, Truro and Amherst, and see you through a 3-month learning journey.
Each employer will have the opportunity to send up to 10 team members to participate, with a time commitment of just 15 hours. In recognition of program completion, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion to acknowledge their professional growth and development.

Three engaging webinars

Participate in three interactive and informative two-hour webinars. You'll attend one webinar per month of your program.

An 11-module learning program

Complete eight hours of self-paced online learning, designed to build awareness surrounding the dynamic, lived experiences within our workplaces.

A supportive online hub

An online community hub for group discussions, hosted on Slack, is your opportunity to discuss the ideas, concepts and strategies you’re learning about while building rapport with other members within your cohort.



Our next cohort program kick-off will commence Sept. 5, 2024, and will run until Nov. 21, 2024.

View future cohort schedules here (dates subject to change).


Your active participation, support, feedback, and any comments you may have regarding the program deliverables, activities, and outcomes are of the utmost importance to us. We greatly value your input and look forward to working closely with you throughout the program.


Fill out the form below to reserve your spot!


By registering for this program, your organization agrees to actively participate in the program and support its objectives. The specific commitments we request from you include:

  1. Attending program-related meetings and information sessions to enhance your understanding of the program's goals and strategies.

  2. Participate in a self-paced online course providing a Nova Scotia-based introduction to fostering DEIBA as a fundamental approach for building safer and more inclusive workplaces.

  3. Participate in three interactive webinars facilitated by practitioners with specialized experience to help prepare you and your organization for hiring, onboarding and creating a culture of belonging for people with disabilities.

  4. Provide feedback on the effectiveness of the program as well as share any challenges or successes experienced throughout.

  5. Collaborate and connect with program participants, including individuals with disabilities and support practitioners at TEAM Work, to create inclusive and accessible work environments.


Your commitment to this program will ensure that all stakeholders receive the expected outcomes, employees with disabilities can thrive in an inclusive and supportive work environment, and that the program reaches overall success.


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Have you read, understood, and agree to the above requirements for your organization's participation in this Program? By selecting 'Yes', you will be officially registered in our upcoming Program cohort! Read our privacy policy here.

Thank you for your registration! Together, we can make a positive difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities and contribute to a more inclusive society. ​If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact Maram @ 902-422-8900 ext. 104

Office Meeting


Once we receive your registration, a member of our program team will be in touch with further details regarding the program timeline, key dates and any other relevant information. We greatly value your full participation and input and look forward to working closely with you and your team.


Together, we can make a positive difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities and contribute to a more inclusive society.


Should you have any questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Q: How many of my employees can participate?
A: Up to 10 employees from each employer are allowed to participate in the program.

Q: How do we choose who participates in the program? Should it be all management, team leaders, staff, or anyone who is interested?
A: The participants you select depend on your business goals. While involving management, team leaders, and interested staff can create a comprehensive impact, it's essential to align the program's objectives with the roles and responsibilities of the participants.

Q: How much time and resources will the program require from me and my staff?
A: At a minimum, there are 8 hours of learning through the online modules and 6 hours of webinar content for each participant. The webinars take place monthly, for 2 hours each. On average, we anticipate that participants might dedicate a few hours per week to complete modules, engage indiscussions, and implement learnings. Allocating some extra time for program participation and potential follow-up activities is Recommended.

Q: How will the program be delivered and evaluated?
A: The program is entirely virtual. Program delivery involves a mix of onlinemodules via our online platform Reach360, interactive webinars via Zoom, and an online hub for group discussions via Slack. The participants are not evaluated for their performance in this program, but we will be asking for feedback to evaluate the program’s effectiveness in helping employers attract, hire, and retain individuals with disabilities. The evaluation aspects will include surveys, webinar observations, and a brief follow-up phone or video call following program completion.

Q: What are the expectations and responsibilities of the program participants?
A: Participants are expected to actively engage with the content, participatein discussions, and apply acquired knowledge within their roles. Participants are expected to complete the online course, participate in 3 webinars, engage with the online hub, and provide feedback for evaluation purposes. Collaboration, sharing insights, and applying knowledge to real-world scenarios are also key responsibilities.

Q: What if I or my staff are unable to complete all the program components prior to the end of the program? Will there be an extension to complete?
A: Program deadlines are typically set to ensure a cohesive learning experience for all participants. If unforeseen circumstances arise that prevent completion by the deadline, it's recommended to communicate this with the program administrators. We may be able to grant provisions for extensions in certain cases.

Q: Will participants obtain any kind of certification?
A: Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion upon finishing their 3-month journey in this program. This will be subject to completing the required activities — namely the online course and attending/watching the webinars. (The webinars will be recorded and available to participants who were unable to attend during the scheduled time slot.)

Q: Does each module have to be completed in one sitting? Can you start and stop?
A: The learning journey is designed to be flexible, allowing participants to start and stop as needed. Each module can be completed in multiple sittings, accommodating various schedules and time availability.

Q: Do all modules have to be completed in order or can I select based on my time availability?
A: You do have the freedom to choose the order of modules based on your availability. However, it's recommended to follow the suggested sequence, as modules may build upon each other to provide a cohesive learning experience.

Q: Can we withdraw participation if we need to?
A: We understand if unforeseen circumstances arise which may cause your organization to drop out of the program. While we can’t force you to stay, we would be sad to see you go! If you or a team member withdraws participation and leaves the program, this would unfortunately disrupt our data collection for evaluating the effectiveness of the program. Prior to withdrawing, we would ask that you speak with one of our program advisors.


Unable to participate this time? Join one of our upcoming cohorts! Contact us if you're interested in a future cohort.
(Dates subject to change)

2024 Fall

2025 Winter

Program Item
Kick-Off Call: Program Introduction
Webinar #1: Breaking Barriers
Webinar #2: Welcoming Everyone
Webinar #3: Unleashing Potential
Program Item
Kick-Off Call: Program Introduction
Webinar #1: Breaking Barriers
Webinar #2: Welcoming Everyone
Webinar #3: Unleashing Potential

2025 Spring

Program Item
Kick-Off Call: Program Introduction
Webinar #1: Breaking Barriers
Webinar #2: Welcoming Everyone
Webinar #3: Unleashing Potential
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