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Opening doors for
job seekers with
a disability.


Finding the right career is easier when you have a helping hand.

In Nova Scotia, there are countless people with a disability who have career ambitions, but no contacts or connections in the industries they’re interested in. In order to be truly confident in pursuing a certain career path, it helps to have some exposure to that career in advance. But without help, getting that exposure is easier said than done.

MentorAbility matches job seekers with people in careers that interest them.

MentorAbility Canada is a national initiative that celebrates in-person and virtual mentoring experiences. The focus of MentorAbility is facilitating short-term (from 1 hour to 1 day) mentoring opportunities between employers and persons experiencing disability. MentorAbility is free. It’s not a job—but it helps job seekers learn more about possible career paths, and introduces employers to a more diverse potential workforce.

Benefits for both job seekers and employers

Job Seekers

Working with the MentorAbility team, you will be matched with an employer or mentor for a short mentoring experience. During this time, you will learn more about that employer’s workplace and different careers in their industry. You will be supported throughout the process by skilled employment professionals.


Our team will facilitate mutually beneficial mentorship opportunities with a person interested in learning more about your industry. Encouraging your employees to participate can increase workplace diversity, strengthen workplace culture, and boost employee engagement. There is no expectation of a job offer.

October is Disability Employment Awareness Month (DEAM).

DEAM is an opportunity to discuss, explore, and collaborate to solve the critical issue of inclusive hiring. Employers in provinces across Canada have brought DEAM to life by organizing activities to engage employers, job seekers experiencing disability, and the public to promote the benefits of inclusive hiring. Every day in October, we’ll celebrate the tremendous contributions persons who experience disability make to our workplaces and communities. 

These success stories prove the impact MentorAbility can make.



With 10 years of HR experience, Rozina moved to Halifax from Kuwait with her two children. Thanks to MentorAbility she was paired with an experienced mentor working in Human Resources. Under this mentor’s guidance, Rozina was able to gain real-life work experience within a Canadian HR firm, and she was coached on how to succeed in obtaining her HR Certification in the future. “I would encourage everyone to [use the] MentorAbility Program,” Rozina said. “It can make a great change [in your life].”

Sign up for MentorAbility today

Job Seeker

If you are a Nova Scotian with a disability and you’d like to be matched with a mentor in a field you’re interested in, we invite you to complete the below Interest Form (resume optional). Your level of education doesn’t matter.

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MentorAbility Canada is coordinated by CASE.
TEAM Work is Nova Scotia’s official MentorAbility Hub.
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