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At TEAM Work Cooperative... We’ve helped people secure and maintain employment for over 25 years. Our clients’ best interests are at the core of everything we do. We're a one-stop shop for both the job seeker and the employer.


For clients we offer case management, career counselling, job development, employment maintenance and more; for employers, our services focus on recruiting talented workers, training programs and employee support.


Inspiring and supporting all people on their journey toward employment.


Accessible and equitable employment services for all Nova Scotians. Advancing inclusive workplaces.



Marcus Jamieson


Coming from a small Nova Scotia town, Marcus has always had a connection with people. His family were very involved in their small community and this has translated into his work at TEAM Work. You will often see Marcus running around the office helping both staff and clients!


James Smith


Born in Halifax and raised in the small town of Middle Musquodoboit, James learned that neighbors are important and should stick together, and thus he decided he wanted to help people for a living. Whether critiquing a resume or helping a friend move, James is always game and always smiling.


Jude Turner


Jude is the Operations Manager at TEAM Work. She has been at TWC for 22 years in various upper management roles. She is fondly referred to as the local Historian. Jude loves starting new projects, finding creative solutions to complex problems, managing multiple teams and writing successful proposals. Her passion is helping others succeed and find their purpose. As a marathon runner, health and wellness activist, her energy is contagious and leadership is full of a “can do “ attitude.


Elizabeth Fitzner


Liz is the go-to person if you are looking for a creative idea. Liz uses her creative side every day in her work as a Certified Career Development Practitioner, especially when it comes to facilitating workshops, job development and organizing TEAM Work events. Currently our Program Coordinator for ‘FUTURE READY New Opportunities,' Liz has also worked on other projects including ‘Career Link’ and the ‘Youth Employability Skills’ project. Liz has been with TEAM Work since 2012.


Daniel Riley


Originally from the U.K., Daniel grew up with a keen interest in helping others. He is also an avid soccer fan, and if you can’t find him in the office he is likely out on the soccer field. As with most things, the key to success comes down to teamwork, and he gets a kick out of working in collaboration with others to help them reach their goals.


Hannah Hefler


Born a Prairie girl in Alberta, raised a Maritimer, Hannah has called Nova Scotia her home for over 30 years. Her dedication and passion for helping others comes from her own personal experiences. Hannah believes that everyone deserves to have a meaningful career and will help you think out of the box to achieve it if that’s what it takes!

GO-3D Self Employment


Mike Little


Horses, Harley’s and Hockey- watching his grandson’s play- are some of Mike’s loves. But honestly, he’s been around for a while and he has got the stories to prove it! Mike has a wealth of experience in career development and is perfect for supporting both clients and employers.


Lloyd Thomas


After almost a decade as an Employment Support Practitioner here at TWC, Lloyd has now taken on the role as a Business Coach with the GO-3D team. He’ll help you explore your business ideas and get you started in the right direction, while providing a safe space for you to talk openly about your experiences. Client centered, he takes looks at your strengths and supports you in finding the path that is right for you!


Abigail Rogers


Abby was originally a co-op student from Dalhousie. Her experiences working with multiple community organizations led her to TEAM Work and we were lucky to keep her! Abby grew up in the beautiful Annapolis Valley but now considers Halifax to be her home. Walking into Abby’s office, you’ll feel vibrant but peaceful energy from the many plants she has squeezed in! She feels the right environment is a crucial aspect of working through goals. In her free time, you’ll find Abby gardening, reading a good thriller, or cooking something new.



Michelle Barnhill


As a busy mom of two, juggling competing demands comes as second nature. Michelle is the oil that keeps everything running smoothly behind the scenes here at TEAM Work. With strong organizational and administrative skills Michelle knows exactly what to do and where to find things. When something needs doing, we can always count on Michelle to say, “That’s fine, no problemo!” Her helpful nature and willingness to support the team are greatly appreciated.


Xiyu Zhou


Xiyu is a recent finance graduate from Dalhousie University. She did two internships with TEAM Work Cooperative, and she loved the job as she felt she was helping people in the way they needed. Xiyu is grateful to be back in the TEAM Work office, utilizing her degree in a position with CASE (Canadian Association for Supported Employment). In her spare time, Xiyu likes trying new recipes, spending time with her friends and her two dogs.


Jeanette Paynter


For the majority of her career, Jeanette has worked in the accounting field in a not-for-profit organization. Her love of spreadsheets and reconciliations is widely known by those working with her. You will often hear her saying “I can create a spreadsheet for that."


Hoon Choi


Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, Hoon moved to Canada at the age of 9 with his family. He recently graduated from Dalhousie University with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, major in marketing, and is thrilled to bring his knowledge and experience from school to our organization! Hoon is always a team player who has a smile for everyone and loves collaborating with others to overcome different challenges and tasks. In his down time, Hoon enjoys going to a bar with his friends, watching sports, and spending a nice sunny day by the lake or the beach.


Tyler Field


Born and raised in Halifax, Tyler enjoys being on or beside the ocean, travelling around the world, and sharing food with family and friends. From a family of counsellors his dedication to helping people started at home, continued through financial planning and now through coordinating access to equipment, training, and wage support funding for underrepresented individuals seeking employment.


Jarett Burke


Jarett is a big believer in inclusive employment and giving everyone a chance to live up to their inherent potential. He likes to focus on what people "can do" instead of what they "can't." With experience in editing, writing, marketing and administration, you'll find Jarett behind the scenes at TWC doing a little bit of everything.

Employment Support


Angela Bryden


With roots from the Rock, Angela is a rock solid administrator. She has a calm and compassionate manner when greeting job seekers. Built up by a family of carpenters hard work is nailed into her personality. Angela believes in bringing compassion and empathy to her job and strives to provide an experience that enhances the lives of each person she encounters.


Matt Jamieson


Matt hails from Nova Scotia but he loves to travel and experience new cultures. Although he holds space in the office, you will rarely find him there as he’s well known in the community for supporting people on the job. His career spans twenty years supporting people with disabilities across the country, but today Matt calls TEAM Work his home. You’ll find him spending time with his family and gaming with his 3 nephews during his off time.


Maggie Morden


Maggie spent 5 years following university living in L’arche; sharing life with people with and without disabilities in intentional community. Looking for a slower pace of life, Maggie left Ontario and moved to Cape Breton in 2018 despite never being to the East Coast before. Captivated by life by the ocean, at the beginning of 2021, Maggie transitioned from rural life in Cape Breton, moving to Dartmouth to become a supportive roommate. Maggie enjoys a quiet life of watching movies and spending time with friends.


Randy Reede


With over 17 years of experience supporting the non-profit community, Randy brings a wealth of knowledge to the team. Giving customers the right resources to make informed decisions is important to him. When Randy is not busy making connections within the community, you can find him at the gym, near the ocean or listening to music.


Dave Wareing


Dave believes that one of the most important connections a person can have to their community is through employment. He is always happy to support initiatives that further inclusive employment. In his spare time he enjoys being outdoors and listening to some good rock and roll music.


Jonathan Hall


Jonathan is an advocate for diversity and inclusion and believes in meeting others where they are in life. As he works with career practitioners, postsecondary institutions, and clients, Jonathan is a researcher, navigator, strategist, and administrator. Jonathan can help figure out a plan and works to identify potential assessments, supports, and resources, when needed, for people with disabilities interested in post-secondary education.


Jesse Hatch


Hailing from small-town Ontario, Jesse is grateful to call K'jipuktuk/Halifax their new home. With a background in frontline service, they are committed to centering inclusion, accessibility and community solidarity in their work. Outside the office, you can find Jesse making ceramics, sharing a meal with friends or hiking by the ocean - preferably with a good podcast.

nina new headshot

Nina Nersesova


Nina is originally from the sunny city of Tbilisi, Georgia. She moved to Canada to pursue her Master's degree and has recently graduated from Mount Saint Vincent University. Throughout her career, Nina has worked closely with the disability community in medical, residential and recreational settings. A firm believer in the holistic approach to any dilemma, she always strives to look at the bigger picture, conduct thorough research and come up with creative, personalized solutions. When not at work, Nina tests her skills at recreational sports, plays video games or explores beautiful Nova Scotian nature.


Pratibha Popat


Pratibha is a trusted Career Practitioner with solid knowledge of current, local human resources and employment practices. She applies her extensive Human Resources expertise and knowledge of the public, private, and non-profit sectors, to develop and connect with inclusive and supportive employers. She's known for her warmth and humour, and loves dogs, helping people, travelling and playing cards with her Dad.


Denise Dunn


Denise hails from Halifax and having both parents with disabilities, has always been a strong advocate for persons with disabilities. She has a Bachelor’s Degree from Mount St Vincent University; and she also has over 25 years of management/supervisory work experience including 15 years in supported employment in a social enterprise. Denise enjoys going for walks in her Dartmouth neighborhood and having chats with her neighbors and exploring Nova Scotia. Denise will always lend you a helping hand.


Tara Parsons


If you need a resume and cover letter, Tara is your person! She has extensive experience working with clients from all walks of life. She hails from small-town Nova Scotia, but her heart lies in Middle Earth where she moonlights as a Hobbit. Not only does she have extensive experience working with people, but Tara is also the Accessibility Coordinator for Hal-Con, A SciFi Fantasy Convention where she is responsible for ensuring the convention meets the access needs of all folks in attendance. You will see Tara in the office, rolling around the Resource Room helping folks with their job search needs. As a person with a disability, she believes employment should be inclusive and that everyone has the right to access sustainable employment.


Maram Salman


With over 10 years of experience in teaching and Facilitating, Maram’s wealth of knowledge, resourcefulness and interactive presentations in employment topics make her a great asset to our clients and our team. Maram encourages open communication, strives to help clients reach their full potential and is a big advocate for people with disabilities. Maram’s colourful office aquariums (and beautiful fish) create a calming and happy environment for staff and clients alike. Maram loves her faith, her family, and fishkeeping! When not in the office, you will find Maram spending time with her rather large family, being the coolest Auntie and taking long walks.

Case Management


Marie-Josée Crawford


MJ is deaf since birth, and for the past 25 years, she has worked as a passionate advocate with deaf/hard of hearing individuals. When engaging with her clients and colleagues, she loves to discuss accessibility, deaf culture awareness and American Sign Language. Being strategic and creative in accommodations, MJ strives to tackle challenging employment paths; and, as an enthusiastic person and a dedicated volunteer, MJ enjoys playing some sports, travelling, watching movies and socializing with friends and family.


Cymone Farmer


Born in Halifax and raised on the peninsula, Cymone has spent many years supporting youth and has a passion for helping people reach their full potential. She is actively involved in the community, and is dedicated to breaking down barriers for minority groups. In her spare time, you can find Cymone coaching competitive cheerleading at Halifax Cheer Elite, reading crime/mystery novels, or going on long walks.


Kysha Bowden


Born and raised in Halifax, working with clients has always been a passion. With a big heart, kind soul and thirst for knowledge, she is dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals. When she is not at work, you could find her by the water reading, and taking in all the universe has to offer.


Alex Hill


Not one for sitting still, Alex is always bopping around looking for new experiences and new things to learn, especially languages to speak, books to read, and foods to try! A transplant to the east coast, she has been loving exploring the coast, the forests, and the beautiful small towns and communities with her partner and dog. And as someone with a meandering career path herself, Alex enjoys helping others unearth their own meaning in work and life.


Kayla Williams


Kayla has a Bachelor’s Degree in Child and Youth Studies and has a genuine desire for helping people. She takes great pride in listening and assisting with goals to achieve a beautiful success story. She is passionate about inclusion and diversity and believes in opportunities for all. In her free time, you can often find her sitting on a sports field, cheering on her son or having a family movie night — surrounded by lots of snacks.

meet manpreet snipped (1)_edited.jpg

Manpreet Kaur


Born and raised in Amritsar, India, Manpreet moved to Canada in 2019 with her family. She recently graduated from NSCC in the Administration program and have more than 10 years of experience in mentoring a variety of age group ranging from children to seniors. With these skills and experiences, Manpreet is looking forward to assisting TEAM Work Clients to blossom and attain their dream job. As an immigrant, Manpreet believes in diversity and hopes to provide inclusive employment to her fellow immigrants.

Job Development & Programs


Rob Casey


Rob has a big heart, a big laugh and a big beard! When you walk into our office, you can probably hear his laughter coming from down the hall. Rob enjoys spending time with his family and hiking in the woods. Rob has over 20 years experience in working with people with disabilties in educational, employment and residential settings and is ready to help you too!


Rozina Saeed


A highly organized, dedicated and professional individual who is extremely passionate and enthusiastic about working/supporting and building a thriving community that provides programs, services and support families, seniors and community members. Rozina is a strong visionary leader and manager who can motivate & inspire my team to be the best they can whilst focusing intently on the strategic aims of the organization.


Jeff Vander Velde


Jeff is very knowledgeable about all aspects of the job search process and is always willing to go that extra mile for clients. He is very creative, animated, engaging when presenting, and regularly shares his personal experiences to back up the content. With years of sales experience, lifelong learning, and a stint as an entrepreneur, Jeff has the professional life experience to teach clients how to sell themselves and what employers are looking for.


D'Arcy Poultney


With successes in the academic, business, and community sectors, D’Arcy has a broad range of experience collaborating with diverse individuals, priority groups, and decision makers. D’Arcy is committed to assisting individuals to achieve self-reliance in their lives, families, and communities. He looks forward to working with you.


Lincoln Lorde


Lincoln is a Certified Career Development Practitioner. He specializes in working with youth and adult participants presenting problems on concerns such as anxiety, depression, emotional conflicts, work-related stress, and stress issues stemming from learning difficulties. With more than 27+ years of experience in this field, he enjoys working with individuals and groups and has been told he has a gift for understanding their needs. In his downtime, Lincoln enjoys fishing with his buddies, refurbishing computers, and going to the community market every weekend.

Board Members

TWC Board - Robert LaPierre _edited.jpg

Robert LaPierre


Bio Coming Soon!

TWC Board - Paul Williams.jpeg

Paul Williams


Paul grew up in Prince Edward Island. His passion for technology started at a very young age. His career has spanned several industries which has been highly focused on Information Technology Operations. Paul currently owns and operates a business that is highly focused on addressing the labour needs in Atlantic Canada.

TWC Board - Brian Tapper.jpeg

Brain Tapper


Brian is a native of Dartmouth, graduating from Acadia University, obtaining a Masters of Education (Counselling). Prior to retirement in May 2020, Brian was a Registered Social Worker and Registered Counselling Therapist. He has worked as a member of interdisciplinary teams at the Nova Scotia Rehabilitation Center Site of QE II Health Sciences Center serving individuals with various health issues. Brian was appointed through an Order in Council to be a member of the Nova Scotia Disabled Persons Commission and served for fifteen years. Brian has also developed a therapeutic work program for people with disabilities in partnership with New Leaf Enterprises, an Easter Seals Program.

TWC Board - Jonah_edited.jpg

Jonah Ssenyange


Every morning Jonah wakes up with two missions in mind: be a source of good vibes and do so in style! Jonah makes it a point to socialize with anyone and everyone. He believes a positive and open attitude is key to success and happiness not only for himself but for those around him. He is a career learner, passionate about promoting principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion as a means of challenging structural and societal norms. He is currently a Diversity & Inclusion Facilitator and Placemaker at Placemaking 4G, where he’s responsible for facilitating client-facing workshops around topics related to DEI. He believes that through unlearning, vulnerability and intentionality, leaders and organizations can create environments for humans to thrive.

TWC Board - Ann Divine_edited.png

Ann Divine


Ann Divine, founder, and CEO of Ashanti Leadership & Professional Development Services Inc specializes in human resource management, governance, strategic and leadership. Ann has an extensive public profile in the media. She is a sought-after speaker and has given several keynotes across Canada, guest lecturer, and facilitator. Ann values her community commitments and is also a Board of Director to the Halifax Chamber of Commerce United Way Centraide Canada, Team Works Cooperative, Rotary International Area Assistant Governor, and others. Ann continues to be recognized both as a successful business woman and professional in support of others.

TWC Board - Margaret_edited.png

Margaret Schwartz


A natural connector and storyteller, Margaret works with P4G Placemakers to connect and share career opportunities with communities, and helps to amplify the P4G story. A former university drop-out, Margaret now holds a degree in Public Relations and eight years of experience across non-profits, social enterprise and provincial government. Guided by her will to create, and make equitable opportunities accessible to historically excluded groups in the region, Margaret brings a thoughtful, people-centric lens to P4G. She serves on boards and committees for TEAM Work Cooperative, and the Macphee Centre for Creative Learning. Vulnerability and relatability are her key ingredients for uniting based on shared experience and bringing people together on a collective purpose.

TWC Board Roger_edited.jpg

Roger Boychuk


Roger is a registered professional engineer (P. Eng. - Civil) specializing in transportation and municipal infrastructure. With over 25 years of progressive experience in the consulting world, he has also served in many different roles through his career. His engineering journey has resulted in the successful completion of many projects throughout Canada, and internationally in the United States, Mexico, South America and Africa. Parallel to engineering, Roger is heavily involved in the hockey world serving in numerous coaching and high-performance skill development roles. He has a Masters Certificate in Project Management, is an avid practitioner of personal and organization leadership development, and is an active public speaker and facilitator in the leadership and sports arenas.

Cat Biz Pic 2_edited.jpg

Catherine Fogarty


Catherine has lived in Nova Scotia most of her life and is very proud to call this Province home. As a finance expert, and small business owner, Catherine is well aware of the specific challenges of balancing work life and family life. She is passionate about community and helping others achieve their goals, with guidance, from her own experiences. Her beagle Marley forces her to take breaks daily and you can be sure to find them power walking through Point Pleasant Park where he is known as the "squirrel whisperer". He sings and they run!


Cheryl Newcombe


Cheryl is an executive with 40 years’ experience, holding senior corporate roles with the Mathers Group of Companies and Quest Society. Cheryl is currently the Chair of Beacon House Interfaith Society and the Chief Financial Officer at Quest Society. Cheryl is a Past Chair of Halifax Water, CPHR NS and CCHRA

TWC Board - Aja_edited.jpg

Aja Joshi


Born in Nova Scotia and raised in an immigrant family, Aja has always been an advocate for diversity and inclusion. She has certainly found her outlet as Board Member with Team Work Cooperative. Aja's career spans work in both the public sector and the non-for-profit sector, in areas such as immigration, culture and heritage, youth retention, human resources, and equity. When not working, Aja is usually travelling, eating spicy foods, going to the beach, and hiding from the cold.

TWC Board - Monique_Thomas.jpeg

Monique Thomas


Bio Coming Soon!


Dave Divine


David is a change agent, consultant, academic and researcher with over four decades of experience in collaborating with and advising government bodies and organizations on social issues in the UK and Canada. David specialises in social work, community health, affordable housing, race relations, diversity and inclusion. Through speaking engagements, coaching, consulting and research he works with clients to resolve complex and sensitive issues.





“When people go to work , they shouldn’t have to leave their hearts at home”- BB Donna Gallant at the Trade Centre practices hiring people with various abilities with heart, strategy, inclusiveness and business sense.

Scott Guthro

Scott at Giant Tiger values differences in both people and abilities. He is an employer who looks for the best in his employees abilities, differences, and talent. He has built a winning team. His best practices earned Scott the regional Lieutenant Governor's Persons with Disabilities Employer Partnership Award in 2011.


Angela’s team continually works to create a culture that focuses on employees’ quality of work life concentrating on employees’ health and the overall health of the university. With a focus on employees physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial health, as well as a strong focus on fostering a collegial culture grounded in diversity and inclusiveness, Angela’s team strives to create a healthy workplace at Dalhousie. A place where people are supported, and are happy and proud to come to work every day.


When you lead your team with heart and soul, integrity and sincerity, generosity and spirit of creating a diverse and inclusive work model, you have an employer and workplace such as the Prince George. Carol and The Prince George demonstrate winning best practices that gain them the title of Employer Champion.


A company and employer needs to be a game changer, and that requires employers like Sharon, who are proactive, inventive, broad-minded and practices Human Resources with heart!

Ability Employers

Ability Employers, an employer led group of dedicated, action oriented, business smart leaders who have committed themselves to promoting and implementing change for inclusivity and diversity in todays workforce. They have adopted this strategy by support, encouragement , and endless hours of volunteerism to promote a culture close to their hearts.


We don't have a definition for disabled within our organization. We are looking to fill open positions with the best available candidates”. Colin MacDonald, General Manager of Micco Companies Ltd. Micco was the recipient of the Lieutenant-Governor’s Person’s with Disabilities Award in 2012.


2016’s Lieutenant Governor's Persons with Disabilities Employer Partnership Provincial Award winner Paul at Cole Harbour Sobeys has shown an incredible commitment to diversity and inclusion, in not only hiring persons with disabilities but an incredible commitment to the disability community as well.

Joey, Eileen and Mike

“The talent and training we received from TEAM Work Cooperative has been the single most impactful factor since opening our operation” Mike Wallace, District Manager of operations and Joey Duguay, Manager, RBC. RBC was the 2015 Regional award winner for the Lieutenant Governor’s Person’s with Disabilities.


A leader in attracting good talent and offering supports at work, Olivia recognizes that engaging employees in the workplace is the “whole game” today where once it was seen as optical.Olivia is known to treat employees as customers, placing value and investment into retention. Her success follows her as a role model in developing people and is apparent in her designation at Grant Thornton LLP as well as her continued support with Ability Employers.

Amanda & Team

“It is matching talent with the requirement of the job. We like it when new staff bring contagious levels of energy to their work”. Amanda Stirling, Kitchen Manager of Chicken Burger, was the recipient of the Lieutenant-Governor Persons with Disabilities Award in 2012.


At the Casino, they hire for attitude and train for skill. Their employees are like extended members of a family. It’s not a magical formula but a best practice to be a diverse and inclusive workplace.


Humans of TEAM Work


For Emma, employment signifies more than just a job—it's a gateway to employing her skills, fostering fulfillment, and establishing a routine that nurtures her mental health. Our services played a transformative role in her life, guiding her through the uncertainty of job loss and rekindling her sense of self. Fresh from a maternity leave, Emma faced the challenge of rejoining the workforce and rebuilding her confidence, feeling adrift in the sea of uncertainty. Struggling to piece together her skills and strengths, she found solace and direction through our assistance. The empowering transformation she underwent from being uncertain to showing unwavering confidence is a testament to her journey. Overcoming the challenge of reentering the workforce after maternity leave was no small feat, but she found support in us to rebuild her professional self and regain her rhythm. The level of assistance she received from us exceeded her expectations, with our team embodying the qualities she anticipated—helpful, kind, respectful, and timely. Her recommendation to a friend emphasizes our non-judgmental environment and the efficacy of our tools and capabilities in resolving various employment concerns. Here at TWC, we prioritize delivering not just services, but a transformative experience that empowers individuals to thrive in their careers.
Humans of TEAM Work


Bonnie, who worked for 25 years in health and social services, started her own business to continue advocating for others and being a mentor. She is passionate about working with people and making a difference in their lives, especially those struggling with addiction, mental health, and social issues. Bonnie's new start-up has opened her eyes to the different traumas people go through, helping her to be non-judgmental when working with clients. With the help of TEAM Work's services, Bonnie overcame financial and networking barriers and was able to access various resourceful programs she was not previously aware of. Bonnie praised the friendly and personable nature of our services, highlighting our team's diversity and capabilities, making her believe TEAM Work has the right resources and people to help just about anybody looking for employment in Halifax. Bonnie strongly emphasized that she would recommend our services to anyone looking for helpful, supportive, and inclusive employment-related services. She has already recommended TEAM work to two of her close friends.
Humans of TEAM Work


Being a Survivor of sex trafficking, addiction and homelessness, Wyndolyn’s dream is to help others that may be at risk of trafficking and to “empower and educate young girls/women on these factors to prove there is hope and escape” from a life in trafficking. That’s why owning her own business and running a non-profit mean so much to her – it's proof that she not only survived these hardships but she’s able to fully overcome them and thrive. There was a time, however, when she wasn’t quite sure how to go about starting her own business and non-profit and that’s where she credits TEAM Work for the help: “my main barrier was thinking I could not achieve this,” said Wyndolyn. “TEAM Work helped me see that I was more than I thought, and with believing and having faith in myself, I could achieve whatever I set my mind too.” Wyndolyn highly recommends TWC’s services to anyone out there wanting to make a new beginning in life that is held back by barriers. She’s even recommended a few people herself who are now “thriving in their new jobs and upgrading their skills.” Wyndolyn is a force for change and her journey is inspiring many people along the way. All of us here at TWC are blessed to have been a part of it. Thank you for letting us share in your amazing story Wyndolyn!
Humans of TEAM Work


“What makes me feel confident is that I have learn so much from working and being able to do so much more on my Shifts. Also the support I have from my managers. If I need them for anything, they are very good to me and give me good guidance. They have the trust in me to do my Job and being responsible on doing my task and to reach goals and that makes me feel confident in my job. They also give me good comments and praise me for doing a good job….My parents also give me confidence because they know how hard I work and always support me and give me guidance”.​
Humans of TEAM Work

Emmy Lou

Emmy Lou finally found the right position for her working at the QEII Hospital. "Coming from six years of shift work as a casual cook, my new job has given me a better work/life balance. Now I can attend my kids activities and still get paid because of the many benefits of being a permanent employee." While the job is fast-paced, helping others means a lot to Emmy Lou. "I provide administration and clerical support to an amazing team of medical professionals who give their patients excellent care. The most rewarding part of the job for me is finishing my shift and knowing all our patients were properly taken care of because I did my job as part of a team. It's very fulfilling for me that I'm not just staff but an essential part of a team that works miracles everyday."
Humans of TEAM Work


With these words, Ali, an immigrant from Iran with a cognitive disability, was hired by Micco companies. Ali was very excited about the opportunity to take a bigger financial role with his family. He even got a little teary eyed. His brother and family were extremely ecstatic as well, and after the interview Ali and his family went out to buy Ali some steel toe boots and go celebrate his new job. Ali stayed for several years in his position. That was several years ago, and as Ali gained experience, he found his interests and skills developed. Currently, Ali is working with Sobeys in Halifax, and has been with them for several years as a valued employee. Ali is known for his work ethic and commitment.
Humans of TEAM Work


“Working with kids is my passion. Children need a person to be there for them and I can connect with them. I feel I can help them realize their potential. I have seen many challenges in life that I wondered if working with children would all be possible. My life has been an interesting journey of so many different things. I often look back and wonder how I’m still going, but it's about determination and perseverance. There’s no way in which the words “thank you” would mean enough because TWB goes above and beyond what one could imagine or ever ask for. Just because I’m different doesn't mean I can't see my dreams come true.”
Humans of TEAM Work


Duncan Gould, a 65-year-old retiree from the Mi'kmaq community, found solace and transformation through yoga, which helped him break free from his addiction and change his life. Now a certified yoga instructor pursuing further training (300 - 500 hrs) at Shanti Yoga, Halifax, Duncan is determined to become a wellness coach and open his own yoga and boxing studio to help his community and beyond. Duncan has also worked in a para-professional capacity helping people in his community who struggle with mental health, addictions, and healthy living. He emphasizes the importance of accessible resources for First Nations communities and aims to use his own experiences to support others. Duncan credits yoga for balancing his mind and aiding his physical and mental health. Duncan expressed that becoming a wellness coach will allow him to use his past disappointments as a tool to help others, preventing them from experiencing the same struggles he faced. Yoga has taught him discipline and enabled him to respond gracefully to life's challenges. The support and sponsorship provided by TWC, played a crucial role in Duncan's journey, allowing him to pursue yoga training and providing resources to alleviate stress and anxiety. TWC's proactive and responsive nature, along with the generosity and openness of their staff, left a positive impression on Duncan. Overall, Duncan highlights the significance of intention, determination, and external resources in personal growth and achieving success, and he is grateful for the support he received from TWC.
Humans of TEAM Work


Shelly Cross is used to overcoming obstacles. When her latest challenge appeared, she naturally rose above it. Being deaf and working as a Personal Support Worker in a nursing home for the deaf in Ontario, Shelly had to move to Nova Scotia and needed new training to continue her career. She needed a Continuing Care Assistant (CCA) certificate so she turned to TEAM Work Cooperative to help support her through this challenging period. With the help of our deaf specialist, M.J. Crawford, Shelly obtained her CCA certificate and continues her career here in Nova Scotia. She’s happy to be able to continue to “work to help [with] the community’s needs,” and thanks TEAM Work for “all of the support,” and for helping her succeed with her goal.
Humans of TEAM Work


As a young woman living with Cerebral Palsy, finding work was always quite difficult because she would need help with tasks. Realizing that people can create their own business doing what they loved gave Alica an idea to start her own business teaching (children Grade 5 and up) what it's like living with Cerebral Palsy. "With this business, I'm hoping that kids and adults will learn that disabled people are just like anyone else who has dreams and goals they want to achieve. I want to be in the real working world and show people that my disability will not stop me." With Alica's strong work ethics, her faith in God, and her determination to make her own way, she is truly on the path to success!
Humans of TEAM Work


As a fundraiser for the QEII Foundation Charity, Nicole is able to make difference for many people. "My job is directly related to helping people at the QEII by raising funds to improve health care. This allows the purchase of items and equipment that are not covered under the regular budget." Nicole's favorite part of working at the QEII Foundation is the kind interactions she has with others and receiving donations for the hospital. She feels included and respected at her job, and the CEO personally encourages her at work, which makes her feel valued. "The QEII Foundation has been very accomodating to me, and living with a disability means that I know that I will always face challenges, adversity and stigma; seeing this inclusion first hand gives me hope employers out there will be more willing to hire people with disabilities."
Humans of TEAM Work


Finding work hasn't been easy for Carrie despite being an intelligent and vibrant person. But, she found a job at Healthy Minds Cooperative and it's given her a chance to meet new people and learn new skills. Carrie glowingly says, "from creating newsletters to making social media posts, I am now actively engaged in the conversation about mental health recovery. As a person living with cerebral palsy and anxiety, I have been able to use my experiences to help others find their voice." This job means a lot to Carrie as it provides her a chance to learn, grow and be more creative. "Being a part HMC, I've made connections and crossed paths with inspiring individuals doing incredible work toward reducing the stigma around mental health. The social aspect of the job has improved my confidence, and the positive feedback I've recieved means a lot to me. Knowing that I can help to keep the discussion going and help contribute to something that helps our community feels amazing!"
Humans of TEAM Work


As a relatively recent arrival in Canada, Saida found that gaining meaningful employment meant she was “able to support her family” both here and abroad, something she struggled to do before finding work at Veith House. Now, after securing a job, she and her family are happy and looking forward to the future. Saida had a desire to “help and support people” and by using TEAM Work’s services she was able to “get a job faster” than “[previous] years of using different organizations” for help – she’s even recommended her husband to TEAM Work as well! Saida “likes the members of TEAM Work” who “worked very hard for her” and swears that it’s “the best organization to help people get jobs.” We couldn’t agree more! Thank you, Saida!
Humans of TEAM Work


Matt’s always played sports, yet he didn’t anticipate finding his career out on the field. “I thought I had only one dream job,” he explains, “teaching sign language.” When the opportunity to referee for SoccerNS came along in the summer, he thought about what else he might achieve. Matt credits TEAM Work with helping him discover a new path. “Without them, I wouldn't have this amazing experience. I still have some courses coming up, and they support me through funds for an interpreter service to keep my dream job continuing.” Already, Matt’s received the award for Referee of the Year! “At one game, one coach said "How do you ref with your being deaf?" Watching Matt in action, he gained new perspective on his capabilities. “The coach said he was very impressed with my refereeing,” Matt says. “I have found this new passion. I just never thought of this referee position having a big impact on my life.”
Humans of TEAM Work


Lesley finds gainful employment vital, giving her a sense of purpose, structure, and joy. She is passionate about her mental health counselling start-up, Coastal Hope Counselling, which virtually services everyone in Nova Scotia. Lesley values the flexibility of dictating her working hours while making a meaningful difference in people's lives. The GO-3D program has aided her success by providing start-up grants, business coaching, and helpful webinars and workshops. Lesley's personal struggles with schizophrenia and alcohol addiction led her to pursue becoming a mentor figure for those facing similar challenges. With the help of our service, she fulfilled her dream of becoming a mental health counsellor and becoming self-employed with a disability, which she initially thought was a long shot. Lesley greatly appreciated our accessible and enthusiastic staff and highlighted the exceptional assistance her business coach, Abby Rogers, provided. She ended the conversation by recommending TEAM Work to her peers, assuring them they CAN and WILL find you a solution for any employment challenges you may face.
Humans of TEAM Work


Sharon attended one of TEAM Work’s ‘Confidence Building” sessions at the Halifax Library in Early 2020, and she was immediately heartened by the warmth and enthusiasm of Women’s Team Lead Hannah Hefler. The day’s activity was vision boards – in which Sharon explored her long-time desire of teaching English – and Hannah suggested that Sharon act on this desire with TEAM Work’s help. Soon after, Sharon was accepted into a TESOL Certificate course, the funding of which was taken care of by TEAM Work, and she completed it in November 2020. With her certificate, Sharon will soon begin her practicum with East Coast Language School in Halifax and she’s also working on a teaching business idea with Hannah as well. Sharon says that without attending that vision boarding session, the opportunity for her to rekindle her dream of teaching English would not have happened: “I really appreciate all that Hannah and TEAM Work have done to light up my soul; I feel alive and look forward to where I will live, work and play next with my TESOL Certificate.
Humans of TEAM Work

DJ Ace

DJ Ace started his self-employment journey at 18 after taking a few DJ classes and working with a mentor. These early experiences helped him realize his passion for music and DJ'ing. With many years of experience under his belt now, DJ Ace continues to live and work in Halifax and you can find him at many regular events in Halifax. DJ Ace specializes in organizations that provide service to people with disabilities but is also available for almost any other type of setting you can imagine. He loves being involved in the HRM community and makes himself available for volunteering and charity events as much as he can.
Humans of TEAM Work


The opportunity to work for an engineering consultant company has given Karsten more confidence and improved his overall sense of wellbeing. "It's given me a good source of stable income and a good health plan," he says. "Having these things allows other areas of my life to improve: my physical health, mental health and social life, and I can set long term goals now." While he typically works behind a screen, what Karsten likes most about the job is when he has the opportunity for field visits across the province. "This job allows me to feel that I am a part of something and it gives me a sense of belonging. In short, this job is allowing me to better myself."
Humans of TEAM Work


After two years of unemployment, Anil's now a proud Sobeys employee. "The job has given me a sense of purpose," he says. "TEAM Work gave me skills to get a job and maintain that job." "Sobeys Cole Harbour does amazing work in thinking globally and acting locally," Anil explains, enthusiastic about thier involvement with Fort McMurray fundraising, Run for the Cure, and the Food Bank. He loves contributing toward valuable experiences. "Talking to customers about the items they are purchasing and suggest alternative ways to use them - they are so thankful. I don't feel like my disability is hurting others," Anil says. "Having contact with others has had the greatest impact on my life. Seeing I can be successful at my career here also gives me hope others with understanding employers will recognize and use their gifts toward having a successful career.
Humans of TEAM Work


"I am a University student. I am a photographer. I am an entrepreneur. I am a public speaker. I'm a writer who is in the process of writing a book called FACES, Family, Awareness, Community, Equality Snapshot, about the life of a child with Down Syndrome and how they can advocate for themselves. And I'm an advocate for the Down Syndrome community. I want to inspire everyone. People with a disability need more rights, opportunities and a sense of community. I don't understand why can't we be who we are instead of having a label? I want people to know, I don't have a disability, I have ABILITY!


Overcoming financial barriers to employment goals.

In today’s job market, some employers require that employees provide certificates, background checks and necessary equipment prior to starting work (such as first aid, safety training, criminal background check and certified safety wear). Such extra costs can be a significant barrier to employment for some. The James Bartlett Fund gives us the ability to help these clients when other funding options are not available.

Who was James Bartlett, and how was J.B. Fund established?

James Bartlett was a specialized employment counsellor at TEAM Work Cooperative from 2002 to 2007 that passed away due to health issues. He was passionate about advocating for clients who didn’t meet the criteria for funding, so he started an employment support fund of his own to help bridge the gap. James wanted to ensure people didn’t lose out on job opportunities when they were so close to reaching their goals. In memory of James and his idea, the Kin Club Halifax presented TEAM Work with the first donation to the James Bartlett Fund in June 2007. We continue to administer this fund guided by James’ original intention. 

How the James Bartlett Fund helps our community members:


TWC is actively collecting donations, and 100% of funds go directly to clients.

A charitable tax receipt will be provided.

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