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Temporary Talent, Lasting Impact: The Co-op Advantage

Looking for the right person for a job is tricky, especially when you need to do it quickly for temporary positions. In the world of projects and high seasons, getting things right is super important. So, how do you figure out this tricky hiring game quickly and accurately? Let's explore the option of a co-op student. 


You might be thinking: Why consider someone without a degree, who I have to train, and who is only employed for a 4-month term? Here are 5 benefits on how co-op students can bring valuable contributions to your team.

1. Students Bring in the Latest Education

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As we’re aware, change is the only constant – in technology, the labour force, transportation, resources, or the ever-evolving landscape of education and knowledge. Everything we know undergoes change by the second! With a constant flow of new information, staying informed of these changes is crucial.

Co-op students provide a fresh perspective by continuously learning and translating their education and technical skills into practical skills on the job, directly benefiting your business. They're not just paying tuition; they're investing in their education, and you get to reap the rewards.

2. It's Mutually Beneficial

Group of four corporate workers working together in a project, all while smiling and having fun.

Starting a new project or event and need a temporary hand? Consider the flexible option of a co-op student. Here's why it's a perfect match:

  • Short-Term Support: Secure assistance for 4 months - students provide flexible hiring options spanning 3 seasons (January – April, May - August, September – December).

  • Professional Growth: Provide co-op students with an opportunity to contribute to a project or event in their field.

  • Cultural Intelligence: With a diverse group of students, your workplace gets a mix of fresh ideas and energy. It's like adding new colours to a painting, making everything more interesting and livelier.

3. Explore Onboarding Opportunities

Employers know – finding an employee who has qualifications, ambition, and motivation who fits with your work culture is no small feat.

Co-op students offer a unique advantage – the opportunity to onboard them if they integrate well into your organization. A perfect match is discovering a young professional aligned with your team. If not, you've gained valuable temporary assistance and provided a meaningful experience for the student.

It's a win-win in the world of talent acquisition!

A male student shaking hands with the employer.

4. Wage Subsidies are an Application Away!

Students are important here in Canada; so much so, that the government pays YOU for hiring them using a wage subsidy.

A wage subsidy is a form of financial assistance provided by the government or another organization to employers. It helps employers cover some of the costs of paying their employees' wages and in this case, acts as an incentive for businesses to hire co-op students! Just through the Government of Canada, you can receive up to:

5. Co-op Students Have Recognition from Their Institution

Group of university graduates throwing their graduate cap in the air.

Adding to the intrigue, co-op students are in their program because they undergo a thorough application process. This involves discussions about their goals, qualifications, and aspirations for the co-op, accompanied by a formal essay outlining why they are a deserving candidate.

Getting accepted into a co-op program signifies not just a formal title but also reflects their ambition, commitment to goals, and positive attributes at first glance.

Co-op students are investing in their future, and your opportunity could be their first step toward starting a professional career in the field they love.

Unlocking the Potential: Embracing Co-op Students as Catalysts for Innovation & Growth

A group of five students walking in their university campus with their bag on textbook on their hands.

Consider a co-op student not merely as a temporary solution but as a catalyst for innovation, diversity, and growth within your organization. In the realm of talent acquisition, co-op students appear not only as short-term assets but as potential long-term partners. Embrace the opportunities they bring, and watch your projects thrive.

Now you may be wondering, how do I make my business known to co-op students? It's simple. Reach out to the universities in your area! Each university helps its co-op students in different ways to find a placement – usually through their job search engine that you can post your job to! Click here to see what institutions are near you.

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Nyah was born and raised in Saint John, New Brunswick and recently moved to Halifax to complete her Bachelor's degree! Graduating in the spring she’ll have her bachelor's degree in Commerce with a double major in Marketing and Human Resource Management. Nyah chose us here at TEAM Work as her third and final co-op placement! With her family living in the Middle East, Nyah enjoys travelling and exploring different cultures, eager to meet new people and try new things.


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